G-STAR Care is the After Sale Service Support Wing. More than that, it signifies the excellence in nurturing customer relations and delivering value that G-Star has been known for the last 50 years in various segments.

Regardless of function or position, every G-STAR employee has only one goal – Complete Customer Delight. A structured training schedule and regular knowledge development programs, coupled with a professional and approachable leadership ensure that every employee of the G-Star Group is in line with our promise to Delight Customers with all the products and services we offer.

  • G-Star Care Professionals always stay in touch with the customers and get the feedback of customers experience regarding the product Quality & Performance so that we can make the necessary changes to meet the customer satisfaction in both product & services.
  • We call our Esteem Customers once in a while to exchange pleasantries.
  • We are always committed to delivering value to the customer. It’s the commitment to give him the most productive customer experience possible, where he comes first; to consistently create and customize solutions for him that continue to delight, so as to harvest the relationship for further growth and prosperity.
  • G-star is a passion of our highly qualified professionals to deliver a quality product & a commitment with customers to give a long last happy experience.
  • G-Star Communication – WE have many source of communication for customer feedback. We have complaint form on our website where the customers can register their complaints. We have a toll free number where the customers can call and discuss their queries. Ourcustomer service officers take a prompt action on the customer’s queries.

Benefits of G-Star Customer Care

G-Star Customer Carewe take the entire responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the equipment at our customer’s premises. G-Star maintenace team is well trained & well qualified .They are assigned to do the service at the customer’s place during the contract period. This on-site team ensures that preventive maintenance activities are carried out as per agreed schedule.

Enroll in our G-star services to avail following benefits :


G-Star Vehicle performs at its best

To get the minimum break down loss it is important to continually find ways to keep your operations running and up to date. We make sure that the equipment performs at its best – always.


To minimize the Breakdown

The main objective of G-Star Customer Care service is to reduce your downtime to ZERO. We are constantly working to maximize the efficiency of your equipment throughout its life cycle.


Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Our program also ensures improved safety measures are followed to avoid an accident at your premises. Reliability and efficiency is our promise.


Significant overall Cost Reduction

Regular conditioning of the equipment restore optimum performance and lowers the maintenance costs.


Best Operational Practices

Our onsite training by experts is designed to improve the efficiency of the operators to achieve optimum performance from the equipment.

Annual Maintenance Contract

G-Star’s Annual Maintenance Contract is custom made based on your specific needs. This agreement brings you peace of mind by minimizing the risk of downtime, thereby maximizing the performance and reducing operating costs. Our engineers visit the customer’s premises as per agreed terms during the contract period to ensure preventive maintenance and regular upkeep of the equipment.


Ensuring all safety features are intact


Reduction in total maintenance cost


Periodic servicing ensures maximum uptime improvement


Ensuring equipment lifecycle

G-Star Genuine Parts

– A must for Zero Emission Vehicle

Maximize uptime and operate smoothly with quality spare parts from G-Star.

Superior Quality – Designed in-house and passed through stringent quality checks, our spare parts always deliver outstanding performance

Availability – We provide a strong backup of spare parts for all our buggies, with our dedicated representatives responding to customers’ request for spare parts within one working day. The requested spare parts will be shipped at the earliest date as communicated by us.



We organize various training programs covering equipment operation as well as maintenance. These programs ensure safe and hassle-free operations and easy maintenance. Training programs at G-Star are classified under two modules.

Operator Training

Contents of Operator Training Program:
  • Understand the components and principles of operation.
  • Daily maintenance
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Battery Maintenance and charging
  • Driving practice
  • Safety features and importance of safety
  • Safe working methods
  • Complaint Reporting
  • Test & certification

Maintenance Training

We conduct regular sessions for our service engineers as well as the customers to make sure that the maintenance operations are being performed at regular intervals as recommended. G-Star premises has a fully equipped training room with working models and cut models of main components to explain and diagnose troubleshooting for different equipment. Following are the two modules for maintenance training program:

Customer Training:

We organize a three-day training workshop for our customers at G-Star premises to make them proficient in our equipment maintenance which will result in high equipment uptime.

Service Engineer Training:

In order to keep our service engineers up to date with the equipment and changing technology, we organize service training sessions at regular intervals for service engineers which are on the field.


When we sell equipment to you, keeping up its performance is our promise. G-Star offers warranty support with every equipment. It includes Two maintenance visitannually, attending to all manufacturing defects, if any, and unlimited breakdown calls.






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